Digital, Electronic and Fingerprint Safes

In the past few years, safes fitted with digital and electronic locks have become increasingly common and affordable. More recently, the same has been true of biometric or fingerprint locks, with many manufacturers offering them as an upgrade to their standard key or digital locks. But what exactly are the benefits of these electronic and fingerprint safes?

The standard key lock is still the most common tried and trusted method of securing a safe. It’s a simple, proven locking system with little complexity, requires little maintenance and is easy to operate, all while providing ample protection against burglars…assuming they don’t manage to get their hands on the key, of course. There’s also the problem of trying to get the safe open if you happen to lose the key and its spare, an all too easy occurrence.

With electronic locks, these factors are less of an issue. A burglar can’t just go looking for the key, he must somehow instead acquire the PIN code. He might attempt to guess the code, but electronic locks can have many thousands of possible combinations. Some will also have a lockout feature, disabling the lock completely for a certain amount of time if too many incorrect attempts are made. And since there’s no key to lose, you won’t have that problem either.

However, you might simply forget the PIN. It’s easy to forget one code amongst all the others we have to remember from day to day. Thankfully, electronic safes will typically have an override of some sort, so you should never be left stuck with a safe you can’t open.

While they tend to be more expensive than standard electronic safes, fingerprint safes do away with the problem of needing a key or having to remember your password. All you need is your finger (which hopefully you’ll never misplace). Some fingerprint safes can store prints from several people, meaning access can be granted to certain staff or family members.

Like standard electronic safes, fingerprint safes will usually have some sort of an override in case of a problem with the fingerprint scanner. Usually these override systems involve entering a master PIN code or using a key to unlock the safe.

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