EN 15659 Fire Test

Fire warning signThe EN 15659 fire test is a European standard which is recognized in all member states of the EU including the UK. It is also known as the “LFS” test to indicate Light Fire Storage.

As this name suggests, products tested to this standard are designed to provide a low level of protection against fire, and so are probably best used for non-vital documents. Fireproof filing cabinets are often manufactured to meet this standard.

During the EN 15659 test, safes are heated for 30 minutes to 842°C or for 60 minutes to 945° C depending on the rating being sought. Their internal temperature may not rise above 170° C, which means they are only suitable for safely storing paper (P). Safes will be designated as either 30 P or 60 P, depending on how many minutes of protection they provide.

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