S 1037-12 (JIS) Fire Test

The S 1037-12 (JIS) is a Japanese fire test. It is quite similar to the EN 1047 and UL tests. Safes tested to this standard will be rated for either paper (P) or data (D) and will typically have ratings of 30, 60 or 120 minutes. During the test, the safe is placed in a furnace at temperatures of approximately 1000° Celsius.

For paper, the safe’s internal temperature cannot exceed 177° Celsius during testing. For data, the internal temperature cannot exceed 52° Celsius with humidity no higher than 80%.

The S 1037 test typically includes a drop test. The safe is removed from the furnace and dropped from a height of 4 metres. This simulates a floor collapse, which can often occur during a fire. The safe must survive this drop without damage to its contents.

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