New Phoenix Fire & Security Safes Released

Phoenix Planet/Cosmos Range

Phoenix Planet/Cosmos Range

Phoenix Safes recently launched new fire resistant versions of their Planet and Cosmos security safes. These new models are available in the same sizes and with the same locking options as the standard Planet and Cosmos ranges, but also offer 60 minutes fire protection for documents.

Tested and certified to the EN 15659 LFS standard, these new fire and security safes are fully ECB-S and AiS Approved. The Planet HS6040 series carries a cash rating of £60,000 and carries a Grade 4 rating under the EN 1143-1 standard, while the Cosmos HS9950 carries a Grade 5 rating (£100,000 cash rating). This makes these safes the perfect choice for protecting large amounts of cash, valuables, confidential papers and vital documents.

Cosmos and Planet safes feature a special barrier material and armour plating within their walls which provides resistance against drill attacks, cutting torches, drill attacks and other common safe breaking tools. The same materials are used within the door, which also features reinforced drill resistant plates protecting the lock and opening mechanism.

Dual locking is standard on both ranges. K models feature 2 high security double bitted key locks, which have been certified to VdS Class II. E models feature a single VdS Class II key lock and a single Class II electronic lock with a time delay function and a sophisticated audit trail facility.

Available in four high capacity sizes, with shelving as standard on all models.

For those who do not require fire resistance, the standard versions of the Planet and Cosmos remain available.

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