Small But Safe: Fireproof Boxes and Fire Chests

Fireproof boxes and fire chests make a great alternative to a full-sized fireproof safe. They are particularly suitable if you only need to protect a small number of documents or a few items of sentimental value.

Sentry HD2100 Data Fire Chest

Many fireproof boxes are now available that provide a similar amount of protection as a fireproof safe. They have even been tested to the same strict standards that apply to fireproof safes, with some able to provide up to 90 minutes protection for paper against flames and heat. The more heavy duty models can protect fragile computer media for a similar length of time.

Aside from their fire resistance, fire proof boxes and fire chests can also offer many other useful features. Most will feature some kind of locking system, providing a basic level of anti-theft protection. Some will feature waterproof seals around their doors, preventing damage being caused to their contents while a fire is being extinguished.

Thanks to their compact size, fireproof boxes are easily stowed and convenient to use. They are great for use in the home and are also ideal in certain office situations.

If buying a fireproof box, always make sure it provides the amount of protection you need and that it has ample space for everything you wish to store in it.

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