Staying Fire Safe this Autumn

With the nights beginning to draw in and with Halloween and Guy Fawkes just around the corner, have you thought about staying safe from fire this autumn?

This time of year traditionally sees a spike in the number of fire-related incidents in the home. This is not just because of the fireworks displays and bonfires taking place up and down the country, but also for simpler reasons such as fireplaces being used for the first time in many months, chimneys blocked by debris, and houses being left unattended for longer periods of time as people return to work.

So how can you protect yourself, your family and your possessions from the threat of fire? Consider some of the following:

  • Install smoke alarms throughout your house.
  • Ensure smoke alarms are functioning by using the built-in Test buttons.
  • Work out a fire evacuation plan with your family.
  • Prevent fireworks from being shoved through your door by installing an anti-arson letterbox.
  • Invest in a small fire extinguisher and fire blanket for your kitchen.
  • Make sure chimneys are swept clean before lighting a fire for the first time.
  • Check that every naked flame (fireplaces, candles, etc.) is fully extinguished before going to bed.

Should the worst happen and a fire breaks out in your home, it is vital that you evacuate as quickly and calmly as possible. Once your entire family is safely outside, you should never attempt to go back inside the burning building. Yet home owners will frequently waste valuable time in getting out of the house or return inside afterwards for the sake of retrieving a valuable item or object.

A far more sensible strategy – and one less likely to end in tragedy – is to buy a fireproof safe in which such valuable items can be stored. That way, not only can you focus on getting your family to safety, you can also be assured that the items in the safe will be protected until the fire is extinguished. Keeping important items and papers protected in this way can give you much needed peace of mind, and can make dealing with the aftermath of a fire that much easier.

Our Guide to Fireproof Safes has all the information you need on deciding which fireproof safe is the best for you.

For more fire safety tips, see Fire Safety In The Home on Directgov.

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